Top 8 Tips for Hot Tub Parts

Hot tub parts are essential for the maintenance of your hot tub. But if you do not follow these tips, you will be experience a lot of breakdowns and repairs.

  1. Use the filter housing when filling the hot tub

This is a simple thing but most people always neglect it. Using the filter housing will help to remove any airlock. Airlock commonly comes from near the heater and circulation pump. Other than that, it will also reduce the risk of a burn out heater. You should remember that maintaining the hot tub parts will save you some money in the future.

  1. No swimming pool chemical

Even though sometimes the swimming pool chemical could help in any way, it will create other problem in your hot tub. Chemical is corrosive for the seal made of rubber inside your tub. It can also make cost you expensive amount to repair it. Cyanuric acid that is poured into the swimming pool is useful for killing the algae. Algae are produced by the sun in open swimming pool.

  1. Once a year for system flush

But if you need the chemical for your hot tub then you need the system flush and once a year can be enough. If you do that any less it will create another problem because the fluid is kind of difficult to get out of the pipework. Other than that, if you put the system flush in regular basis then you will decrease the biofilm that can beat up the nasty things. It also gives you the stable water environment.

  1. Check inside your hot tub cabinet

Basically, calling for a service is very pricey. This is why you better check your own hot tub and find out if there is any leak down there. The common spots you should look on are such as around the pump seal and also the heater union. Chemical looks just like white powder when it is dry. Besides, it is the obvious sign of leak.

  1. Switch off the spa when changing filter

When you put the filter back in the skimmer basket, you need to be really careful. If you are not, you will let your finger caught. If the pump is still on and your hair is pretty long then something will happen to your hair and the rotating pump. Just be careful please.

  1. Wireless Electricity Meter

Some people wonder how much their hot tubs cost per week. You can use this device called Wireless Electricity Meter. It only cost around USD 40. The device is easy to operate and will fit in the cable that is going to the tub. It will count the units’ amount used by the hot tub and automatically multiply it by the cost of electric unit. It will reveal your exact cost.

  1. Use non-chlorine shock

For a heavy session of bathing, non-chlorine shock is a great offer. This thing will break down too much grime and sweat. Besides, if you like to have big party in your hot tub then the non-chlorine shock is a must have. It will ease your work and let the particles that could block your filter break down into very small part.

  1. Use the Ozone unit

Ozone unit will save you huge amount of money. It reduces the sanitizer amount you need to put inside your hot tub. Investing on this hot tub part will be a great save up. Basically, the Ozone unit can last up to 2 years. After that, you need to replace the chip or bulb instead of other hot tub parts that could be more expensive.