The Depth Review of Cast Iron Tub

Are you seeking for the deeper experience in bathing? You may like to replace the old tub of yours with the new cast iron tub. The cast iron tub has its own advantages such as has a stronger structure, the better look for the appearance, and the more comfortable instead of the older model of tub. This cast iron tub will be very suitable to apply if you have a modern minimalist interior style bathroom design. Aside from that, you can also still modify the appearance of the iron tub by adding some amusing accessories. But, we will discuss about it later.

If you get used to bath by using shower, it seems that you still have a little bit experience in bathing. If you looking forward to have the mesmerizing deep experience in bathing, you may like to bath by using the iron tub. How the way you are bathing will completely different. First, you need to fill up the tub with full of warm water. After that, if you want to have much more joys, you can add some bubble soap to create a bubble nuance whiles you bathing. The last touch is soaking yourself into the tub.

Cast Iron Tub with Claw-foot

Sometimes the existence of the cast iron tub can be one of the best ways to beautify the design of the bathroom. Therefore, you can also have a chance to modify the iron tub by applying the additional accessories called claw-foot. Claw-foot has so many kinds of styles. For example, if you want to have such a luxury tub style, you can choose the monarch claw-foot. The monarch style is like a burnished claw-foot that it has the glowing look. The cast iron tub also has its own main function such as keeping your tub warm. So, you can enjoy your soaking in a longer time because the iron material is able to maintain the warm temperature for good.

The claw-foot is not really that has a function in bathing but for style only. So, you can concern about the claw-foot if you already have determined the cast iron tub style. The selection of the claw-foot with the iron tub must be suitable with the interior design of your bathroom. The claw-foot color value must be linked to the design of the iron tub in order to find the connection design between the iron tub with the claw-foot.

How to Maintain the Condition of Cast Iron Tub

In the last part here is now let’s more focusing on maintaining the condition of cast iron tub. The maintaining here means to maintain the cleanliness of the iron tub. it is very easy and not take much time to do. No needs to clean the tub every day because iron is rarely get dirty due to the material. The best times to clean the iron tub are like once a week. For example, you can clean it out in the weekend between Saturday or Sunday.

The toilet brusher will be very good as the main equipment to clean the iron tub. Then, you will also need a liquid soap as the perfect combination to clean the iron tub out. In order to not just make the iron tub clean but health, you also have to make sure in every corner of the iron tub must be cleaned for good. Maintain the cleanliness of the iron tub also means killing the bacterium and keeping you and other family members healthy. Spend a little bit longer of your spare time to enjoy the bathing as a way to relax your mind and body needs.