Take Few Glimpses of Shower Door Seal

Shower door seal is needed when you decide to have a door for your bathroom. It can be used for any kind shower door which is framed or unframed. In order to know it further, let’s read it below.

About Shower Door

Taking long shower is everyone’s favorite. There are surely many people who love to take long showers. While you are taking showers for such a long time, you also want to keep the shower clean. Shower curtains have ever been everyone’s favorite. There are various designs you can choose to make your bathroom looks beautiful. However, these curtains are easy to get dirty. This can be unfavorable if you like to take long showers. Can you imagine keeping the shower curtains clean all the time after it gets wet every time you are showering? Yes, your shower curtains will get grimy and old easily. That is why people prefer to have shower door nowadays. In addition, glass door is most favorable. It comes with reasons for sure.

You know that having glass door is so much easier to be placed as shower door. You can clean it with no efforts at all. You can wipe it off easier compared with having shower curtains. There are even glass doors which can slide the water off. Another good thing is that some doors will not leave any stain. You can find this kind of glass door out there. Another benefit of having this shower door is to prevent the water leaks out and create a little pool outside the shower area. You don’t want it, do you?

If you are planning to have this shower door, you better prepare door seal too. This can make your door is fully closed. As mentioned above, if your door is closed properly, you can prevent the water gets outside the shower area. Now, let’s get to know more about the door seals.

About The Seals of Shower Door

Having a glass door as a shower door hasn’t solved your problem of water leaking. It is suggested to put a seal to shut the gap. For your information, the shower panels will still create a gap. It can be just a little but it can still allow the water to leak out from the shower area. That is why seals should be applied. It is surely an innovative thing you can do at home. The seal is mostly in strip and known as seal strip. The seal strip is only clipped to the glass door. It works to keep the water inside. The material of it is various. You can meet vinyl, foam, rubber, and more. There are numerous of them. Despite the available materials, you might want to choose PVC. This one is most picked by people. PVC material is believed to have long durability and simple to install on your own. Further, PVC material is least visible and it adds a good look in your shower door.

Types of Seals and When to Replace the Seals

There are types of seals you need to know. You can use only one of them or combine the available types. Those types are a shower door wipe, a shower door threshold, and a shower door shoe. Each has different role to be applied on the edge of your shower door. As time goes by, your shower seals may get shrink or yellow. The effectiveness of it can also reduce over time. If you find the seals like this, you need to replace it soon. You shouldn’t let the water leaked out from the shower area, so better replace it with a new shower door seal one.

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