Low flow shower head helps to save water

Many people are already using the low flow shower head but they are not aware that they have helped to save water. Water is one of the most important things for human beings. Many things in the world (including human beings) are related to water. One of the things that really needs water is bathing. Do you know how much water you “throw” once a bath? If you use regular shower head, then your average will spend more than 120 liters of water. You who use bathup will waste more water; about 200 liters of water. Meanwhile, if you use the lower-flow shower head, you will spend 80-95 liters of water (with the same bath).

Why save water?

As we know that water is one of the basic needs for all living things on this earth, not only humans but animals and plants also need water in order to survive. Because so vital role of water for life then we are obliged to maintain and save the use of water so that water does not run out in the future.

Did you know that 70% of the earth’s surface consists of water? 97% of the water on earth is salt water, and only 3% is fresh water and more than 2/3 fresh water is in the form of ice in glaciers and poles. The remaining 1/3 of freshwater that is not frozen can be found primarily in soil in the form of ground water, and only a small portion is above ground and in the air.

The ground water we use is only 0.7% water in the soil and 0.3% of the water is ground and air, so the water used by living things is only 1% of the total water in the world. And only 0.5% Freshwater is worth consuming.

The influence of the use of low-flow shower head

Most people will want to do something if they know the benefits or benefits to be gained. Same with water, here are some water benefits that may make you willing to save:

  1. Availability of water reserves
  2. Maintain the balance of the amount of water
  3. Minimize water expenditure

Bathing is one of the main things done by everyone. This certainly has a lot to do with water availability. Bathing the frugal (using a low-flow shower) would be very helpful to maintain water availability. The water availability will help others to get clean water and to keep its sustainability for future. We can clean the water, but clean water is something human cannot create.

You need not hesitate to use low flow shower, why? Because this object has been designed in such a way as to keep the flow of water almost the same as regular shower water flow, but use less water. Maybe you will doubt the cleanliness of your bath, but do not worry because the quality of your bath will be the same as another shower that has a larger flow. Moreover, the flow of water is not the main determinant of the cleanliness of the bath, the correct way of bathing is the key. Plus, remember that the choice of toiletries that you use also indirectly can help to maintain the environment, especially keeping the water availability.

The advantage of saving water further is that you can save the cost you have to spend to pay for water every month. You may be dizzy with the amount of bills you have to pay each month; ranging from electricity, telephone, TV, gas, vehicles, and of course water. If you use low flow shower head, then you can lower the cost of water every month.

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