Lodge with Hot Tub – In-Ground Spa vs. Portable Hot Tub

Lodge with hot tub will give you super-blasted holiday. But which one do you prefer: an in-ground spa or a portable hot tub? Here are the pros and cons.

Benefits and costs of combined pool and spa

The combination of spa and pool offers some benefits. It can save your money on the cost of upfront construction and also your time. Besides, it is easier to unify in a harmonious and nice design. In addition, it is also a win-win solution for lodge with hot tub. The combination, however, comes with consequences to think about.

So, before you jump on the conclusion that the pool and spa combination is the best option, you can consider these cons:

  • It has something to do with the location. The placement of the spa will be very inflexible since it must be placed in the swimming pool’s immediate vicinity. It is definitely not the best spot for the hot tub.
  • The performance is also on the cons list. In-ground hot tub tends to provide pump with less energetic performance than the power that is provided by the portable tub. Since the jets of the luxury and premium spa are numerous, it provides more invigorating and deeper massage.
  • For the comfort, in-ground spa also features the bench seating. Unfortunately, it is inflexible and uncomfortable too. Meanwhile, the portable spa offers lots of ergonomic and seating options.
  • The combination of these two things needs to be heated up before you use it. It needs more energy than the portable type since the temperature needs to be maintained in a constant ready number.
  • The operational cost is simply higher.

It seems like the combination pool and spa could be a great idea. But those additional points above should be included on your consideration list.

Optimal solution from separated spa and pool

When you want to have two games, you need to but the both games in order to fulfill your desire. It is also applied when you are confused to choose between spa and pool then maybe you need to choose both. Buying a high-end portable hot tub will improve the look and your satisfy level. Besides, it is for your holiday. You have nothing to lose.

  • It supports the energy efficiency. Since it is a standalone hot tub, the required energy is less than the combination. The temperature can be maintained during the soak. Besides, it also has its own cover that provides insulation as well. It simply reduces you electricity bill.
  • If you invest on high-end portable spa then you will get the great features from it. You will get the nice and ergonomic seating, various jets, and control that can be used very easily. You can even control the jets so you will get the pressure you need. Besides, the premium brand also offers the entertainment option, waterfall, and also lighting in various colors.
  • Since it is a portable one, you can move the tub. For example, you can move the tub at the more covered area when the winter is coming. Meanwhile, the in-ground tub will ask you to use it regularly, even though the winter is very cold outside. When your portable tub is not in used, you can put a cover on it and store it somewhere. Some people let it outside as long as it is covered.
  • Flexibility is of course the number one pro offered by this portable hot tub. It allows you to freely construct the design. You can even create something like backyard oasis with your portable hot tub. While you enjoy the hot tub, the children could play along in the swimming. So, portable type is highly recommended for lodge with hot tub.