Linear Shower Drain Guidelines

Linear shower drain is also known as infinity shower drains. The shower drains has drain system that sit evenly with floor it almost look like disappear at all. Most of people love to have this shower drain system as it provide seamless designs and appearance to your system.  It has integrated and built in a design that is practically endless. The linear shower drain only need single slope for drain water effectively.  The system is able to install in along single wall or in the center of shower head where the multiple slopes are placed.

Linear Shower Drain Pros and Cons

The main advantages of linear shower drain are the freedom from arrangement and the avoidance from obligation in adapt to the cabin dimensions to the shower tray. The linear shower drain is mounted to the shower stall edge. This make possibility for using flat drain grates, that regardless to the stone thickness or ceramic tiles and forming the uniform surface in the floor.  The next advantage from linear shower drain is the wide range of drainage gutters in markets. There are options of shiny, matte or brushed finishing styles. Most of it built from stainless steel materials.  The size and styles also unlimited start from long and thin and short and wide. The last, it is easy to clean. Different from traditional shower drains that can be painful, the linear drains is simple and easy to clean. Just removed the tile or grate covers for cleaning the blockage such as dirt and hairs to drains.

The cons from using linear shower drains mostly come from the embarrassing installation of shower without shower drainage. Some users feel that the installation can be carried improperly and this related with the strength from floor and tile as the shower drain is mounted on it.

How to keeping your linear shower drains clean

As it is stated before, it is easy for clean your linear shower drain, the steps below can help you to maintain your drains.

  • Remove the drain cover.  Wipe the linear drain down using paper towel or brush for remove hair, soap residue and others.
  • Use scrub brush and water to clean the drain cover. If you want to clean using cleaner, use safe products that will not scratch or harm the tile or stainless. Remember, use smooth brush as stiff brush can scratch the tile or stainless tile.
  • Lay down the drain cover aside and clean the drain base or shower gutter with the same treatment such as do to linear shower drain cover.

How to install linear shower drain

Install linear shower drain likely becomes a trend in recent bathroom remodeling trend. It gives flexibility.

  • Choose the right location to place linear shower drain.
  • Locate the system of water waste drain piping
  • Drain cutout whole well, you need to identify the marked pipe location. Cut out about 3, 5 inch hole.
  • Pre-install linear shower drain. It is importance for pre-fit the drain into plumbing waste system.
  • Install the moisture cleavage. Before install mortar bed, it is important for establish the fitter water barrier cleavage over the wooden floor area. For concrete floor, just simply wet the slab and apply directly the mortar mix into plate.
  • Install the metal lath.
  • Maintain the linear shower drain body and the flange. Apply the painters, masking tape or clear tape to the linear shower drain body and flange. This is for keeping the drain sturdy.
  • Build the drain support.
  • Install and connect the linear shower drain body
  • Level the drain.

When you install linear shower drain, simplified the slope and choose the appropriate placement. You also need to consider the flow rates that you want to experience when install the drain systems.


  1. lodges with hot tubs

Holidays in Lodges with hot tubs

When you want to plan your holiday, spending your holiday in lodges with hot tubs is one pleasure moments that you need to try.  There are several options available for any holiday types. Whether you are looking for romantic one for honey moon, for family holiday or for quiet space for relaxation, there are many options available to choose. Choose one that fit with your requirement.  Lodges with hot tub is one pleasure that added for luxury holiday in nature surrounding.  It gives many options and also benefit for health both physically and emotionally.

Hot tubs options

What you want for your hot tubs? Does it just a state water warm or adding Jacuzzi, it choice depend to your budget and personal requirement. Most of people that want to have hot tub in their lodge; they want to have relaxation in their holiday. Here are recommended place for you who want to spend holiday in lodges with hot tubs.

  • Romantic holiday for couple. There are romantic places that you can choose.

The first is Copper Beech Cottage. It is rural places that perfect romantic view. It is surrounding with countryside views and cozy wood burning. This offer guests with warm experience after exploring the property in private hot tub. Next is Hill Side Barn that is rustic stone lodges near Ulverstone. Featured with open kitchen and diner with high vaulted ceiling, it is perfect for celebrating.  The other option is log cabin lodge at Ravenstonedale, Lake District.  It is cozy place for enjoying the amazing view of Eden Valley. You can enjoy activity such as birdwatcher, exploring places such as caves and ruins and castle near the places.

  • Family lodges.  If you want to spend your holiday with your family, then choose luxury family holiday in Bardsea, Lake District is other option available for you. This lodge is available for 14 peoples and parking car up to 8 cars. It has private hot tub and wood fired sauna.

Why choose hot tubs?

Well, the main point from you to have holiday is to thrown away any stress and make relax to your body and mind. Having hot tub in your lodge will support this. Hot tub is also benefit for health both in physical and emotional relief. The hot tub can give your health benefit include:

  • Soothing and relief arthritis. Immerse in warm water will raise body temperature that lead blood vessel for dilate and increase the circulation.
  • Help people with diabetes. Hot tubs therapy can help diabetes people to reduce their blood sugar levels.
  • Alleviate stress. Hot tub brings you to have relaxed state. Your heart will work harder and circulation will improved.
  • The warmth water and pulsate jets will offer the massage experience, relieve the tension and build strength muscles. A hot tub is able to lower the high blood pressure, the main causes of stress. Using aromatherapy in hot tub can enhance the relaxation experience in hot tub.
  • Relieve pain. By soaking in warm water, it can relieve the sore muscles, headaches and the chronic pain and improve the blood circulation.
  • Insomnia. As hot tub will relieve any stress and anxiety, it also will lead into better sleep. When aromatherapy added to hot tub spa, it can heighten the stress and relaxation.

When you plan your holiday, especially in lodges, then it is better to choose lodges with hot tubs.  Soaking in hot can build more intimacy between your family and couple.  Imagine how your family can spend time together, soaking and take barbeque party in outside of the lodges.  It will be good holiday ever to repeat in next year.

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