Get a Perfect Subway Tile Shower for Your Bathroom

Subway tile shower is kind of tile in which you can meet them the most in the subway. Just like the name, you can place subway tile in your bathroom shower. Here is more information about this subway tile.

Where to Place Subway Tile Shower

Most of the times, people will place this kind of tile in the kitchen or bathroom. Bathroom is a good place though. You can get a subway look in your bathroom and it looks cool. In addition, there are some ways you can lay the tile. Laying them on the wall is the most view we can see in people’s bathroom. Yet, you can still to lay them on the floor if you want with a note, you will get a subway look more by placing the tile on the wall. Another option for your is the space you want to lay the tile. Some people will lay the subway tile only in the shower area, and some may cover all over the wall with the tile.

There is a reason behind placing it on the wall of shower area. As you know, you will take a shower and the water will likely splash on every corner. We believe you don’t want your wall is protection-less. If you only use your wall as your shower area, the wall may get broke easily in no time. That is why it is better to place tile there. As suggestion, you can just place subway tile on the shower area only and give it a shower door.

Choosing the Right Color of Subway Tile

Subway tile can come in various sizes and colors. You may need to decide first what color and size you want to have. If you just want to cover a small space of bathroom, you can go for small size of subway tile. It will give you a perfect look of a subway in your bathroom. But you can go with the large size one if the space you want to cover is pretty large. The large space will go no wrong with large tile too. It is a safe option. Beside the size, different color will give different look. You can choose any color you want. It is your preference in fact.

However, it is suggested to have a bright bathroom. In order to have one, you can choose bright color of subway tile. White is the most chosen, but you can choose others. You can still choose the dark color of subway tile when you can give a good lighting. Just go laying dark color tile and set a perfect light that will still make your bathroom look bright. You can be as creative as possible. In addition to the color of subway tile, there are also tile which has gradation color. This can also be chosen to decorate your bathroom shower wall.

How to Clean Your Subway Tile

One day you will find your subway tile gets dirty, but don’t worry about it too much. You can still clean it up. If you find it a bit dirty, you can just clean it with mild detergent and hot water. You can mix those two to make a cleaner solution. Later on, you can mop the tile with a rag mop and the solution you made before. Mop all of the part of your tile. How about dirty grout? In order to clean this dirty grout, you can use mild bleach solution or a mix of water and baking soda. Use a small brush like a toothbrush for example to scrub the dirty grout. Those are ways to keep the cleanliness of your subway tile bathroom.

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