Do You Need a Hot Tub? Here are the Pros and Cons

Oasis Hot Tub is the best place for you to take your day off after a stressful week with your work. But if you plan to buy one, you may consider the pros and cons.

Pro – Soaking the stress away

Do you know that hot water could drop your stress level? Well, it has been used since long time ago for something therapeutic in case you need to relax after a stressful work day. Besides, soaking your body in the hot tub will overcome your anxiety and help you to reach a better sleep at night. You can go to Oasis Hot Tub but if you do not want to spend your time outside your home then buying a hot tub can be a good idea.

Cons – Increased heat stress risk

According to the research, 10% of injuries and accident related to hot tub, they were associated to heat exposure that was too much. It is important to check the temperature before you make yourself jump into the hot tub. The highest temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. But even if the temperature is still in normal range and you feel uncomfortable or dizzy, you better get off.

Basically, each person has different reaction to another when it comes to hot tub. In general speaking, however, pregnant women, children and also people who drink alcoholic beverages need to avoid this thing or at least limit themselves from the exposure of heat.

Pro – Reduced inflammation and pain

The heat in the hot tub itself offers a lot of benefits to everyone who feels pain or injured. Arthritis and lower back pain can be overcome by soaking your body in the hot tub. It happens because the heat could help to minimize the swelling and inflammation. Meanwhile, it also boosts the blood circulation and the water will reduce the pressure of gravitation on sore joint and limb.

Con – Potential issues for circulatory system

In the previous paragraph, we said that hot tub could improve the circulation. It is very beneficial to many people. But it can be very hazardous when it comes to people that has been exposed to pre-existing health problem related to circulatory system. If your doctor has said that you must avoid exercise, you better stay away from the hot tub. The effect of hot tub with exercise is quietly similar.

It is similar to people with blood pressure issues. They cannot just jump into the cold water after soaking in the hot tub, since it will spike the blood pressure.

Pro – better recovery from muscle problem and injury after sports

Sore and tight muscles can be something common after exercising. This is why you can dip your body into the hot tub after you finish your workout session. It will help you to loosen the tight and sore muscle tissue. When you are in hot tub, you can gently rub your sore muscle.

It is also applied for injury after sport. Soaking the pain area to the hot tub will reduce the spasm of muscle, boost the circulation, and also bring down the pain.

Con – Potential risk of infection

Meanwhile, if the hot tub is poorly maintained, it will be a really good place for the bacteria to grow. So, if you have an open injury, it is better to stay away from this thing. Other than that, the water cannot go through your mouth and eyes. If you smell something strong or weird from the water, you need to stay out. The hot tub with good maintaining system should have been odorless after all.

If you go to Oasis Hot Tubs and find a dirty tub then you need to talk to the staff immediately.