Dealing with Hot Tub Heater

Your old hot tub heater will start to wear out over time. This condition can cause some problems to your tub. That is why, you need to know some common problems, and how to deal with them.

Most Common Problems

  1. It does not stay hot

Some old hot tubs still can heat the water without any problem, but then they cannot keep the heated water warm for a long time. It will cause the water cooled down easily by the time you are taking a bath. If this happens to your hot tub heater, then there are some elements that you need to check firstly before asking a professional’s help. The first thing you have to check is the filters. You need to make sure that there is no clog staying in the filter. Second, you should check the thermostat to see whether or not it needs a replacement.

  1. There is no heat at all

Another problem that you may find is that there is no heat at all when you are taking a bath, although your hot tub heater is turned on. If something like this happens, you also need to do some checking. First, as has been mentioned in point (1), you should check the filters to see whether or not there is any debris there. The filters should be in a good condition and clear to allow the water heated. Second, you need to check the heating elements of your hot tub. If you find any problems, you should shut your hot tub heater down and call a professional to do the maintenance or repair.

  1. The temperature keeps changing

The unstable temperature is one of some common problems that may occur to your old hot tub heater. After you turn the heater on, you will feel the warm water comfort your body, but a couple of minutes later, you will feel that it is very chilling. However, some minutes later you will feel the warmth again and the temperature will increase until you are afraid enough that it will burn your skin. This annoying problem is often caused by the damage of a temperature sensor.

The Best Way to Repair

The quickest and the best way to solve the heating problem is by replacing any heating elements that do not work properly. Before replacing the element, you should firstly turn off or cut the power supplying your hot tub. Next, you can safely remove the assembly located inside the hot tub. You can do it by disconnecting all of the wires and then replace them with the new ones. This process will not take a long time if you do it properly.

How to Prevent the Problems

  1. Water balancing

The balanced water will help you to hinder the corrosion process that may occur in the hot tub heater. It automatically will let your hot tub heater work in a long time.

  1. Filter cleaning

Dirty filters can distract the smooth flow of the water to the heating elements. This condition will later or sooner cause your heater to burn out. That is why, you are suggested not to forget checking and cleaning your heater’s filters regularly to prevent the damage of heating element.

  1. Excessive air draining

The premature failure can happen because of there is too much air in the heating assembly. Therefore, flushing the air after maintenance is needed before you use the hot tub heater.

How to Improve Efficiency

  1. Cover checking

Cover checking is needed to do so you can know whether or not there is a crack or hole in it. Cover can trap the water heat well and also keep the tub secure.

  1. Regular service

Over time, definitely, one or some of your hot tub heater elements will wear out. That is why, a regular service or even replacement of a certain element is needed.

  1. Landscaping consideration

Many people do not think that landscaping can also affect the tub to work properly. In order to help if work effectively, you need to prevent the air flow that can cause the water cooled down. This can be done by placing windshield to block the air.